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Have you ever booked a tropical vacation, only to have it ruined by rain or cool temperatures?  Why take a chance with the weather on your next holiday when you virtually eliminate the risks.


Many places in the Caribbean also face a real risk each year of hurricanes and tropical storms.  Only Curacao gives you a true guarantee of great weather year round - sunny, dry, with refreshing trade winds. 


Curacao is outside the hurricane belt, located in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator.  Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27° C ( mid 80s F). Refreshing trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months.


You can reserve summer/fall vacations without the worry of your vacation being ruined or cancelled by a hurricane or tropical storms. Summer is a very popular time to visit Curacao because the summers are dry and sunny, unlike most other parts of the Caribbean.


The other advantage of taking your vacation in Curacao is the reliability of the temperatures.  In the winter, the temperature in Curacao never - and we mean NEVER - gets below 28C for the high and 23C for the low.  Almost every day in the winter in Curacao will see a high temperature of 30C and a low of 24C - in other words, perfect!.  Why are the temperatures in Curacao so reliable?  It is due to the very unique location.  Curacao is at the very southern end of the Caribbean, so it is never affected by the cold fronts that often come down from the US in the winter and move their way into the northern sections of the Caribbean.  Miami, the Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun, and even the Turks and Caicos islands are all far enough north that they often receive cool rainy weather in the winter.  Furthermore, the ocean temperatures in those areas can get rather cold in the winter.  The ocean temperature around Curacao, however, NEVER gets below 80F.

The unique location of Curacao also gives the island the most consistent and reliable trade winds in the Caribbean.  So even in those months where the high temperature reaches 32 or 33C, you never feel too hot because of the refreshing trade winds. 

Oceanvillas has been meticulously designed to maximize the trade winds to keep the villa cool!

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